RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 4 Episode 6 – ‘LaLaPaRUza’

On episode 6, the competition is rocked to its core and tension rises when all of the eliminated All Stars get a chance to return to fight to get their spots back, but first they have to send home a competing All Star in a shocking mid-season lip sync smackdown.

  • Maisha Anderson

    Naomi and Valentine would have been good at least in the top 4. Them old hos need to make room for the new talent. And i like the Tuck chic too. I feel their more genuine competitors

  • Maisha Anderson

    What!!?? 5hats so shady. Valentina should’ve made it to the end.

  • Tábata Couto

    Guys, anyone has another websit to watch RPDR???? I’m dying here!

  • Judith

    the vid was taken down?! *cries*

  • Elizabeth Avila

    I am gagged. I literally shed tears when they called Latrice. Send her leotard packing! I missed this last week.. how I am always on point and this was emotional. Manila FTW

  • Myemaildied

    Ok so i just want to hire Naomi for my bridal shower, like just to hang out with me and the girls. That heffa gave me LIFE

  • Inipow

    Hey You! Chere ‘ I’m better than most but not as good as a few !

  • Inipow

    Now that’s a read!!!lmao

  • Inipow

    I felt that way on season 4 . She has never been a faved QUEEN for me.

  • Inipow

    Please please not Trinity ! She’s already too cocky .

  • Inipow

    Yep and yep!

  • Inipow

    She has rubbed me wrong since season 4 .

  • Inipow

    She’s tired and Lazy period exclamation point. She annoys me frankly I was glad she was gone .Hopefully that cocky ass Trinity the tuck will follow.
    No worries for my nerves because Latrice only has 1 or 2 episodes left . I pick Manila for the win.

  • Inipow

    Wait ..what? You mean to tell me That she isn’t already ?

  • Savagery

    it’s happening mama. but the word is old..That word has been worn out in the gay community for a minute now…

  • AndWhat

    Whether she chose her friend or not, lucky her that her friend had a better report card. And Monet then came back and won the challenge. If Latrice hadn’t gone home she still would have rode the bottom and prolly would have been in bottom 2 again.

    Whole season latrice has been just basic. #facts

  • Scarlette

    Latrice thinks she’s going to win only based on her personality and being adored by fans, cause her looks this season are TIRED AND LAZY

  • CtheGod

    I dont see grown ppl Or glamorous queens catching on to it. Honestly I see it working more for sex/porn … Is that bad?

  • Maecl Lourde Romaneo

    I always keep wondering why they let Naomi get away with showing her boy chest (flat) all the time but I see her style and grace make up for it.

  • Juanita Applebaum

    Naomi was the best. But I called it, I knew both of them voted Valentina off last week.

  • kayla

    I don’t think Valentina is as strong as initially thought. Monique and Naomi have been pulling it out the bag recently

  • Dreamweaver

    yes Latrice should have gone home.

  • CtheGod

    Stop tryna make “Gooped” happen Monique “IT ISN’T GOING TO HAPPEN! (In my regina king voice)

  • Pebbles

    even if what you say is true

    Melilla would’ve chose Latrice per her words and Latrice was all for it

    If Monique would have chose Latrice it wouldn’t beeen an issue

    However Monique chose mone who happens to be her friend “ based on report)

    Even the judges said it wasn’t Latrice best performance which is why they both ( Latrice & Mone ) were in the bottom

  • R C

    To be honest I’m not sure what land she’s in. I don’t find her funny, I don’t think she can perform nor do I like her “fashion” if uou want to call it that. Shes always in a damn one piece bathing suit.

  • Tina

    Well I agree if it was about the report card. But if Episode 4 Monique said she will not send her friend home before the lip sync

  • Tina

    Wow, go back and look at each episode and you’ll see what I’m talking. Episode 4 Monique said out of her own mouth she will not send her friend home. So she already had made her decision before the lip sync

  • Billy

    Season 4 Latrice was the most loving, grounded, and humble queen thats been on this show. Fame went to her head,and now she just seems above it even though she is under performing. I think she is talented but her entitled behavior saddens me. I think Trinity, Valentina or Manilia will take this crown!

  • Billy

    Season 4 Latrice was the most loving and humble person with a quite confidence. She was relatable, and very inspirational. However, my opinion isn’t the same. She is cocky, and snarky. It’s almost like the fame has went to her head. I think she’s great but this new side of her is just sad.

  • kayla

    i know. I love Monique and she turned that shit out.

  • kayla

    ikr! i was like, not another damn sequin dress! give it up!

  • taugadi

    Miss Naomi giving me Grace Jones vibes there

  • Pebbles

    Latrice needs to bring it like that all the time, but it looks like next episode Latrice will bring that same dry personality

  • Pebbles

    Manilla was going to choose Latrice not based. On anything other than she was her friend.

    Monique chose based on Latrice report card, it just so happens to be her friend report card was better this time

  • 2thick4sum

    It’s not always on main page..but it stays on here!

  • CC smithe

    This my first time seeing this show on here why is that and its already at the 6th episode

  • TJ Kin

    I slept on Naomi because that lip sync was ICONIC.

  • TJ Kin

    Nah, Latrice hasn’t brought it all season and her outfits have been tired.

  • TJ Kin

    Gia never had a chance lol.

  • TJ Kin

    SAME. She hit me with that Ciara and I became a fan.

  • sexybabyj09

    Smh, its report card. It’s like a teacher telling a student I like you I I’ll let pass, that’s so unfair to the others who are doing good. Dont you THINK?????

  • GMoney

    Bitch came all the way through. I was puzzled why they kept her cause she serve face and body but I see why. She can turn it out. My eyes were glued on her

  • Tina

    Monique heart chose her friend over Latrice Royale everybody can see that unless you just hate Latrice

  • kiwi

    …yeah, still waiting

  • kiwi

    same here, never paid attn to her that much before…now i think she’s #1 for me, she just needs to bring it like that every time!

  • Krystale

    PERIODT!!!! Give Naomi more camera time mutha fuckas

  • Krystale

    Been watching since season 2. I have always thought that her looks we never really fabulous (all tea all shade) since season 1 began but this season seems extra “blah” … just my opinion.

  • Juju

    This was so Epic!

    Trinity killed it.. I’m sorry, but Ms. Powers this ain’t then.. She tried tho but when she said she wouldn’t change or do anything different, I knew she was doomed..

    Fara and Valentina.. Pretty even performance what you’d expect from both.. But I do feel like Val stepped her lip sync up tremendously.. She deserved the win..

    Gia and Naomi.. Wow, it was great watching both of them! They both looked flawless.. But naomi, girl where you been?! She killed it.. I need her to break out that safe zone and push to the front..

    Royale and Monique.. That was EVERYTHING! I literally love seeing when 2 queens slay a lip sync.. They ripped that floor up.. Both had reveals.. Both had tricks.. I was literally cheering out loud!

  • 2thick4sum

    Her look….lawd!! What is she evoking

  • Maecl Lourde Romaneo

    Thats her “look” she thinks her makeup looks cute that way

  • Chinkieyez 420

    Ok I didn’t kno Latrice had it like that she came all the way tharue!!!! Monique was lucky and I really didn’t want her to go home. Naomi Smalls kilt it, poor Farrah Moan, that chile can’t dance to save her life, smh. So glad Gia’s mf ass didn’t come back.

  • Maecl Lourde Romaneo

    History shows that returning queens unusually leave within a week or two so bye Latrice

  • Dizzii Nelly

    I agree they keep bringing her back smh how many times u gotta keep coming back just to get the same result

  • 2thick4sum

    Ru give shine to alot of up n coming designers of the community…she is mother to alot!! They offer to make things…no sweat of his back to do so.

  • 2thick4sum

    Isn’t she more a comedy queen tho.. my bro hates her too, I love her. I think she has personality that fits TV.

  • Kaniel Brady


  • kinky twist

    Let me completely honest . NEVER Have i been a fan of naomi ,until tonight ! That lip sync was EVERYTHING! This bitch made me download the song lol

  • Bella Vicious

    Latrice is annoying asf… can’t stand her entitled ass

  • Malik Taylor

    This must be your first few seasons lol. Rupaul’s looks have always been questionable, we’ve just come to accept it over time LMAO

  • Malik Taylor

    Raven on Makeup and Delta work on Hair and wardrobe.

  • Chyanne Jones

    idgaf b*tches I lived for this episode…the tops were Naomi, Monique, Latrice and Trinity in that mf order. Although I love Valentina, and I can’t wait to see what she does, I think the song choice didn’t help her very well in this ep… I do want her to go all the way. BUT I LIVED FOR NAOMI…she said this is why I’m here…BOOM ! I do wish someone went home though and that Manila and Monet lip synced

  • John Balcerowski (JON-JON)

    I think this whole episode was dumb af! Just an excuse to bring back Latrice who really has sucked this season! And I love Latrice, but it just hasn’t been good at all! Gia is the only one that I thought deserves to stay! This show has been sucking this season in my opinion! It seems very rigged! And Valentina should have been sent home last week! How can they just keep saving people! LAME AF!

  • Pebbles

    I like Valentina because she challeneges people and be saying : we’re both fierce if you think you better than me than send me home

    Farrah moan Valentina be like look feel what you feel but if you want it fight me for it bishhhh

    I like trinity the tuck because Trinity he reading them for Philth

    Honorable mentions Mone your wings have gotten better keep up the good werk

    Monique that red wig was everything and Latrice hmmmmm and Naomi smalls is everything and doesn’t get enough shine


  • She sounded like a future psychiatric patient

  • Sis, imaginary tricks because I didn’t see anything Puff the Magic Dragon



  • R C

    Ru has new people dressing her and doing hair and makeup this season. I believe it’s Raven and Raja

  • Sherree Lee

    Me too… But this was good and I want that dress RP had on.. Too cute

  • Sherree Lee

    Love her she so animated and funny cause she reads lol

  • kiwi

    …i knew it

  • heyHONEY

    Yes, yes & YES to everything!

  • R C

    DISCLAIMER:: Do not read until after watching


    Trinity brought that. Jasmine was tired out half way through it. Farrah looked absolutely stunning, like a little Britney spears but Valentina turned it out. Naomi and Gia both turned it tf out. I was here it, I wish they both could of stood but glad Naomi made it cause now my top 3 are one step closer to the finally. But Gia is fierce af, wow. I really need Latrisse to kick ass grrr. But they both slayed in the performance.

  • Made Jade

    I’m trying to see what mf tricks did Jasmine Masters have????? PLEASE TELL ME

  • R C

    I dont care for Monique’s anything. I would send her ass packing any chance I get. I feel like she’s less deserving of the spot. Last year she thought a giraffe print was a “cow” print. Then she tried to redeem herself this year with that brown cow crap and it was an epic fail in my opinion. Her drag is super questionable and her lip syncing is whack. She does nothing for me besides annoy me when she speaks in that high pitched voice.

  • R C

    “When I feel the fantasy. It’s my reality” -Valentina

  • Krystale

    When Monique said Bind it and Rebuke it! I felt that lol