Love & Marriage Huntsville Season 1 Episode 2 – ‘Respectful Cheating’

On episode 2, the group start to question whether or not Martell cheated on Melody, while Maurice and Marsau begin to wonder if them doing business with the Holts is a smart idea after all. Meanwhile, Kimmi celebrates her bridal shower, but is upset when Melody is a no-show.

  • MéliMélo

    The men on this show are a great example of who not to marry and how not to raise your sons. Marceau is misogynistic a**hat, Martell is a narcissistic prick and that other one can’t be too far behind since he thinks there’s a better way to cheat. I mean what in the actual f*ck is wrong with these women?

  • MéliMélo

    Girl let it go, are you the ex-girlfriend he dumped? You’re on a mission.

  • That was a GREAT read and fair assessment!

  • Dollface

    Girl I thought Martel and Marcel were brother. They look more alike than Martel and Maurice. My bad, lol. I meant to say Martel and Marcel are pieces of shit, but for two different reasons.

    I respect their tenacity to be hardworking and accomplished black men. That shit turn me on like a muthfucka. But no way would I be able to deal with and/or put up with their shit.

  • Dollface

    Piece of Shit

  • Ashley Brown

    Martell fine.

  • Candy Jones

    Martell is gay.. go on his instagram page. he has more transgender men and gay men on there that he is following then women

  • Candy Jones

    my mother told me the same thing martell mom told melody years ago. and i got so made at her for that. she said why are u sitting up here crying over a man wanting to argue and fight when all u going to do is forgive them anyway. its either u shut your mouth and let them do what he wants to do.. or u walk away.. but never sit there and argue only to forgive… u wasting your breathe.

  • Candy Jones

    melody is a fool and the fact that her husband is still in contact with that girl shows that he still cheating and have feelings for that woman.. and its alot of women who feel comfortable being a side chick… i couldnt be with a man like that… i will be stressed behind that and couldnt live my life like that.

  • Candy Jones

    sad is martell side chick is watching this show and laughing

  • OKsista

    Piece of sh**. But my question is why are the Holt brothers in this category, too?

  • Candy Jones

    whats a pos

  • Lele

    Episode 3 pleeeeeease 🙂

  • Shar-De’ Wheeler

    I need the new episode so bad. Lol

  • mikster


  • mikster

    I’m confused too lol

  • mikster

    love this show!

  • Shar-De’ Wheeler

    Shout out to all the wives that figure out their marriages privately. As Marsau said single ppl always have some advice for married folks. If u can’t figure out your situationships you damn sure can’t guid nobody through marriage. lol Yep I know they’re on tv, yep I know they talked about it but it is sooooo easy to say what somebody should or what you would do.

  • rp

    Behind close doors you can only imaged what he’s doing!!! I feel bad for his wife, but in time she will eventually stop him with his madness!!!

  • guerline

    he is a psycho. i didn’t know that type of men existed

  • Shondeon

    lmaoooo….why did I throw nachos w/ cheese in the trash today? No lie!!! The cheese sauce had got cold and I didn’t have time to reheat it. Lol, even I felt some type of way as i tossed them! #ScoutsHonor

  • Shondeon

    I watched the show the other night on tv. I’ve been waiting forever for the post so I could read the comments!!!

  • Dollface

    Martell is a POS and he’s still cheating. No way are you “boyfriend and girlfriend” with a woman for a 1.5 according to him and just abruptly break it off, because your wife found out. He even admitted at the car wash that he still communicates with her.

    Melody needs to pull herself together and get rid of that clown. Both of the Holt brothers are POS’s for their reason… but they do look good.

  • kneesee


  • kiwi

    well melody, mama holt told u at the end…it’s sad but true, so what u gonna do?…that marseau, i just couldn’t with him…

  • Juanita Applebaum

    Martell dont look better than Maurice. Melody picked the wrong one is all and as irritating as Marseau is he isnt bad to look at either, but his wife needs to worry about her own womens sufferage issues instead of wondering what Melody is suffering through.

  • Kiwistrawberi

    I agree. Maurice got a few women hiding in the cut

  • Doris G

    Martell and Melody is working on their marriage, and I think they are going to make it through this hurt of infidelity.

  • Bey Martinez

    Martell is why many women stay single. Marsau is so 1960s and it doesn’t look good on him. Maurice…..something is off about him!!!

  • Jasmine

    Exactly! No respect smfh

  • Sandra StJean Zbornak

    Facts! These idiots want us to believe they can run million dollar companies, make the best financial decision but be weak with another woman. Foh, you did it cause you’re a pos

  • Jasmine

    That’s such a lie, women could cheat just as easy as men don’t get it twisted, but alot of us choose not too only to find out our bf’s/husband’s have been cheating the entire time. Y’all go out of your way and put in effort. All we have to do is go through our dms and say ‘yes’ if we wanted to, it’s easier for us to cheat but we don’t, because we respect our relationships more. It’s not a ‘men’ thing it’s a fucking himan decency thing!! Who Chile im tied of these men

  • Andrew

    If you are that upset over a “What if” question about something that never occurred makes me believe that you are doing it as we’re speaking! The question I have about cheating individuals like him, if you just want a type of relationship where it’s only mutual in a sense…just get a fwb (friends with benefits) or some sister wives type shxt. Shoot, or just become someone’s sugar daddy or sugar mamma. xD

  • Pebbles

    That’s exactly what she said! I’m looking at like bishhh and him like kneegrow have some type of decorum,


    Hey! that’s the consensus around here ( that she should leave!)

    Married folks gone do what they do despite public opinion

  • Babdeebrit

    Martell is fine and he knows it. His mom Surprised me she doesn’t look as put together as I expected her to be. What she was saying was truth though. She’s knows the man she raised and she is saying Either put up with it or let it go..once a cheater always a cheater. I don’t believe in that “I’m a changed man” bullshit. I believe cheaters just get better at not getting caught but they don’t stop having affairs.

  • Jus post my damn comment

    Lmao the brothers should swap wives cuz Marsau looks like he could be with AARP



  • Kay

    Seriously, she needs to leave that man. He’s making a total fool of her out in these streets. And you can tell he’s not sorry he cheated, he’s just sorry he got caught!

  • Kay

    Seriously, WTF. In one corner, we have a cheating husband who has zero remorse and is just sorry he got caught… In the other corner, we have a chauvinist refusing to let his wife work and follow her own dreams. This show is wild.

  • Kay

    This show is making me mad. I can’t deal with Martel’s cheating ass. You can tell he’s not sorry he cheated, he’s just sorry he got caught! He’s admitting now that he cheated but last episode, he was saying “I would never cheat on my wife…” He clearly didn’t realise Melody would bring up his cheating at dinner and bring it up on the show. And why is he still flirting with other women like that lady that said she does “special things for special friends..”?! I can’t deal!

  • Kay

    Really?? I’m just seeing cheating, chauvinistic guys, I don’t see how these couples are inspiring.

  • Kay

    Seriously! I’m soo sick of these shows showing black men cheating and the black wives and girlfriends staying! It makes us look soo desperate and weak. I’m surrounded by strong black women who would NEVER let a man step out on them and disrespect them like this! I can’t deal!

  • Anah

    Martell is a CHEAT,and he is a pretender who acts like all is honkey dorey but in actual fact You know you out there being a HOE on your wife.Them 2 brothers also cheating and them wives know it.

  • Kiwistrawberi

    Okay so for one I wish people stop saying Mel should leave her husband. I believe she should too but it’s not just her she has to think about. They run a whole business together and have 3 small children together. That’s a lot to take on alone happy or sad. Mel is in a sticky spot and she will forever resent her husband because she knows like we know that he’s still cheating till this day. He wants his happy in love bubbly wife back you can tell but how do you want a woman to gush over you when you were in a secret relationship for over a year. That’s enough to drive a man to his own grave. I’m surprised he even still has the guts to sleep around at night. He must have her so controlled that it’s no way possible she could leave at this very moment even if she wanted to. I pray for Mel’s sanity, this is a very hard spot to ride in. I believe her husband better tighten up before he is doing exactly what Marsau said he’ll be doing. Spending all his days wishing he made his wife right.
    As far as Marsau. His ass is cheating and he doesn’t want his wife in the public eye it’s simple. Think about how he said “so now I have to change my password on my phone” after his wife brought up the conversation Mel started at the dinner table then he said “we will not be a power couple” then told his wife she COULDNT go out with a woman that is doing business with them. He’s nervous, cheating, abusive and controlling. He knows Mel is well known in this town and doesn’t want his wife mixing and mingling with women who may know what Marsau is into. He wants his wife to stay at home with the drapes dark and low. Controlling Creep!
    The other guy is cheating too. Maurice. How old is his woman? She’s looks like she’s 5 years away from the finest AARP package. She looks like she’s in her early 50’s.
    They all cheating and they wives know it but they choose to turn a blind eye to it for a title and temporary happiness. I don’t believe nun of them women truly happy. One got 3 kids a family business and a cheating husband, another got a husband who won’t let her see the sun, and the other has a husband who was forced into marriage after 7yrs and he’s cheating and full of it too

  • Xoxopinkey

    Ok so obviously cheating isnt that much of a deal breaker bc if it was she would’ve left almost a year ago or whenever she found out.

  • 2thick4sum

    She is dumb af…I’d def get a gig on his ass and say my coin for the day he act an ultimate ass!!

  • CAHluvtheSHAW

    Cmon now…are you serious??

  • Pebbles

    She probably saw it already which is why it may have taken so long for it to air ( just guessing!)

  • Pebbles

    I think! He over reacted to when he heard the reason why Martel stepped out on his wife . Panicked! In his mind it confirmed why his wife staying home is perfect.

    Power couple he thinking nah! Fawk that! I rather have my marriage then be a damn power couple look at power couple did for Martel and Melody and the way he acting he still could be cheating.

    Martel momma basically said: listen!
    if you gonna stay let him cheat in piece and if not leave but don’t keep talking about it.

    End of the day that’s her son and she gone ride with her boy

  • 2sweet

    To much restrictions on relationships alot of trust issues omg

  • Brenda DcbTrillfamilia Renee’

    Damn dude really said naw you ain’t hanging out with Mel..and told her him and his wife are not gonna be a “power couple” SMH…he wild

  • YouSoundDumb

    narrow minded? You meant “ignorant”….you’re ignorant as fuuck. Your second statement was slightly less prejudice…and stupid.

    Change your name to “Jus post my dumb comment” LOL

  • ETB

    I would work if i wanted to. PERIOD. He would have to get over it or leave. She’s an airhead to me.

  • ETB

    she sounds dumb/airheadish/gullible. I can see how it’s so easy for him to control her.

  • LOL… I see what you did there.

  • Especially when he said that he purposely set up the business so that she would have to stay in the office and he would be free to go out (in the field)…

  • Baybeetricia

    He STILL cheating!!!! He had a full fledge yr long relationship…and STILL keeping contact??? LEAVE HIM MELODY

  • Baybeetricia

    I thought he was cheating since episode 1

  • Baybeetricia

    Just listening to LaTisha speaks confirms that she needs to get from under Marsau’s sac. Get out and DO SOMETHING with your life.

  • Baybeetricia

    They’re brothers (the two Scotts)

  • Cynthia Watson

    I think im the older women in this cause them other two i just cant

  • Jus post my damn comment

    Two of these guys look awfully familiar, Maurice and the other guy that’s not Martel

  • Jus post my damn comment

    At first these guys gave me DL men vibes, but i’m narrow minded lol and think all respectful, attractive, successful black men are gay. After closer examination, they all seem like ex football players turned business men.

  • Chinkieyez 420


  • Scarlette

    Melody is too pretty to put up with that mess. Some people really need to stop making a mockery out of marriage with all of this cheating shit

  • T2Sweet

    All of these couples are beautiful and inspiring!

  • 2thick4sum

    Baaaabyyyy…that Latisha can’t speak for shit! She sounds like she got too much spit and words trying to come out that lispy mouth!! I can’t… Plus she stay trying to flex on that controlling ass husband when these cameras around..known he would probably body slam that ass otherwise. He def look like he has shaken her ass up a time or two!! Bish he don’t want u to work and u KNEW that day sell u some Mary K online bish, volunteer at a hospital or something..but u def need to STFU before you HAVE to work cuz he done left yo ass with child support only!

    Now that damn Mel..boy wait til she this air and see he put y’all biz on front Street aka NATIONAL mutherfuckin TV telling ALL the men, yet he wanna complain about mentioning it at dinner! Now Martell is fine af..but Mel can and will have to do better cuz he will fall into some pussy again that ain’t hers!

    These women need to take their vows as seriously as thier spouses do!

  • sliquehead

    2nd lol