MiMi Faust breaks her silence, claims that her sextape was stolen from Nikko Smith’s bag at an airport in the Bahamas prior to being “leaked”

It’s always better to just hear sh*t directly from the horse’s mouth eh? The horse in this case is Mimi Faust who have been facing some serious backlash from locals who are personally acquainted with her as well as from strangers abroad who also have been giving the aging reality star a healthy dose a ratchet ranting over the past 48 hours over her porno tape with her LHHATL costar, but surprisingly there is one brand new super star to come out of this whole freaky situation…

Nikko Smith is receiving mountains of praise in the social networking world and now has a boatload of new groupies on deck that’s dying to give the new amateur porn star a bit of that shower rod action… Most guys are applauding Smith for bedding Stevie J’s babymomma on film, while thirsty pigeons worldwide troll him online throwing p*ssy through the computer screen… definitely a very different public response than what MiMi is receiving..