WATCH: After receiving a verbal beatdown from Steve Harvey Mimi Faust and Nikko Smith fires back at the talk show host about issues with his ex-wife “He’s just looking for ratings”


The season just started less than a week ago and I’m already kinda tired of Mimi’s weird “I’m not a porn star by choice” attitude that she keeps trying to push out to the masses, after seeing the tape a couple of times I’m convinced that she thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience with the camera up her ass and down her throat for 30 minutes… I think the goal was to be a porn star from the time she went and bought new boobs last season, this has been up their sleeve since she brought Nikko’s porn-star fame seeking eyes on the scene out of the blue but yet their being very passive-aggressive about the whole thing as if the public made them do it.

Steve Harvey, who have had his own share of public issues with his ex-wife, recently slammed the couple’s actions on his show by saying something to the effect of women needing to value their “box” more… Now in response to Harvey’s comments Faust and Smith is speaking out and they have a lot to say….