WATCH: In a new revealing interview Benzino opens up on his family beef over money and details the day that he was shot at his mothers funeral

Benzino and his ridiculous Louis Vuitton man-purse sat down for a new revealing interview in which he details the events of the day of his mother’s funeral that led up to him being shot, his nephew has already confessed to the shooting with claims of self-defense but Benzino says that if he has to testify against him in court that he won’t name his nephew as the shooter since he never actually saw who saw him… Which is pretty dumb.

Family or not if a ninja in my family confesses to shooting me at my mother’s funeral Ima definitely see to it that he’s buried under the jail, all of this “family first” bullsh*t that people brainwash each other with on a daily basis since childhood is nothing more than mind-f*ck to give a certain group of people the pass to disrespect, mistreat, or abuse you without them having to take responsibility for it…Family will do you worse than strangers will on any given day in most cases even though most won’t cop to that. But I’m glad that I’m cut from a different cloth than most, folks in this world are idiots…