WATCH: Chocolate City’s Darrin Henson & Robert Ri’chard talk male strippers with The Breakfast Club


You won’t catch me swinging my manhood and bouncing my balls on stage at any point in life no matter how good the cash is, but I’m sure that after the male stripper flick ‘Chocolate City’ pack movie theaters across the land this weekend it’ll be a brief surge in steroid-filled fellas all inspiring to be the next “Sexy Chocolate”..


With enough tongue wagging and twerking to even make Miley cringe, ‘Chocolate City’ aims to be a step up from the popular Magic Mike flick.. and with its stars Vivica Foxx, Tyson Beckford, Michael Jai White, Ginuwine, DeRay Davis, Darrin Henson and Robert Ri’chard all on board to help bring the freaky flick to life it’s sure to make noise at the box office. Watch as Henson and Ri’chard chop it up with The Breakfast Club about the films release and also detail the ups and downs of the booty popping world of male strippers..