WATCH: Go behind the scenes of Vivica Fox’s new reality show ‘Black Magic’ following the lives of Black male strippers


Things are about to get really freaky and explicit over on the Lifetime network pretty soon when Vivica Fox and her fresh roster of exotic male dancers heat up the screen every week with their new reality series “Black Magic”. The show centers around a group of strippers who are aiming to be the Black “Chippendales” and land their own residency in Las Vegas by breaking down racial barriers and twerking their way to the next level..

-Vivica Fox;

“I remember back in the day going to see Magic Mike when it first came out, there was just no diversity that was represented. I’ve got everything from white chocolate to dark chocolate to caramel to butterscotch, because we know the brothers got some moves.”

“I call my guys male exotic dancers, just for respect, with these guys, it’s an art. The moves that they got are just unbelievable. The main goal of the show is for us to get a residency in Las Vegas,” Fox said. “I want to see these boys’ faces on a big billboard in Las Vegas.” -Vivica Fox/ET