WATCH: Queen Latifah & Nicci Gilbert deliver the trailer for their new reality series ‘From The Bottom Up’


Nicci Gilbert and Queen Latifah have snatched up Sara Stokes from ‘Making The Band’ fame, Chrystale Wilson aka “Ronnie” from the movie Player’s Club, Kim Smedley the queen of illegal butt injections, actress Stacii Jae Johnson, and embattled former Detroit Chief Of Staff Christine Beatty to bring their new Centric TV reality series ‘From The Bottom Up’ to life..

The 6 episode season will provide a fresh outlet for the ladies to tell their troubled tales of career woes from over the years, and document them as they try to work their way back to the top. Check out the teaser below and peep the series premiere on January 16th..


“From The Bottom Up” is a six-part docu-series that follows the journey of five women, after falling from grace, as they try to make the necessary changes to turn their lives around and find redemption for themselves and their families. The series provides an unfettered view into their world and the organic chaos within their individual lives.

The series tackles real, raw, gritty, emotional and honest issues from women who are smiling on the outside, but two minutes from dying on the inside. It’s not what you have, but what you do with what you have that matters! Starring Christine Beatty; Sara Stokes; Chrystale Wilson; Kim Smedley and Stacii Jae Johnson. From Flavor Unit Entertainment and Executive Producers Queen Latifah; Shakim Compere; Nicci Gilbert; Luchia Ashe; James Dubose and Yaneley Arty. -CentricTV