BLAZIN CLIP: Peep out the full raw unedited version of The Dancing Doll’s dope battle with Miami’s YCDT Superstarz – Bring It Season 1


To all of the ‘Bring It’ fans I know you get a lil pissy when the live performances on the show get over-edited by producers so much that you can’t really see how routine played out in its natural form, but you may not be too surprised to know that only scenes that involve the main cast of girls above actually make the final cut and that some of the solo’s and other dope dancers have to kinda play the background with their scenes only airing online..

Peep out the raw unedited version of The Dancing Dolls most recent competition against Miami’s YCDT Superstarz and also get a dose of more un-aired footage from ‘Bring It’ Season 2 Episode 3 under the hood…