WATCH: A fresh crew of young MC’s flex their rhyme skills in the trailer for The Rap Game Season 3


After churning out 2 monster seasons and crafting careers for the current crown holder’s Miss Mulatto and Mani, executive producers Jermaine Dupri and Queen Latifah are ready to bring in their dream team of music heavyweights once again to help mold another young tike into a rising superstar when Season 3 go into rotation on January 16th. Get familiar with newbies Deetranada. King Roscoe. Tally. Flau’jae. Nova below..

  • lol These comments are turnt AF anyways most of these kids look promising- I cant wait to see what they got.

  • Latavia Vee

    Fake ass mini Iggy Azalea is back on here again I see smh

  • LadyTruth

    I bet the white girl thinks Iggy Azalea is the greatest rapper of all time