The Rap Game Season 3 Episode 12 – ‘Don’t Underestimate Nobody’

On episode 12 JD challenges the young crew with a battle rap competition, and rappers John John Da Don, Arsonal, Charlie Clips, DNA and Calicoe help prepare the group. Meanwhile, one rapper is sorely underestimated and another makes an unforgettable decision.

  • Cieara Harris

    Tally scary af! she really isn’t built for this. I knew she left the first time cuz she got scared to battle, now they gotta battle again so she dips. It’s obvious she dnt really want it, can’t keep running when shit gets tough. Made up something about her dad making her come home, naw she ran cuz she got shook about having to battle someone for her spot. She has 0 confidence, and dnt have nothin but one style of rappin. Roscoe’s mom be so mean to him and always cussin him out about him getting in his feelings when he comes in at 4 or 5 on the hit list. She has to remember tho yea he raps, but he’s still just a kid. It’s not good for a kid or anybody else to not show any emotions, dats wat makes ppl snap from holding in all dat anger. Never make a kid feel like they can’t express themselves cuz if they can’t do it one way, they will find another way to express their emotions which could be dangerous. She still needs to let him be a kid cuz he’s just a baby like the rest of them and it’s not guaranteed he’s gonna get the chain. I luv Roscoe but he hasn’t been consistent enough with topping the hit list. Nova and Dee has been more consistent. But Roscoe definitely made a good choice by picking Mr. Disrespectful. Tally so whack dat she sent herself home, twice! She did everybody a favor including viewers like myself

  • Shaé Savannah

    He signed kriss kross and one of them is lightskinned so..

  • Mia

    Since Mani won last yr consistency means nothing. Lol

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  • Desalyn Jones

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  • Desalyn Jones

    Good you’re getting the attention that you seek, that great!

  • Desalyn Jones

    Good you’re getting the attention that you seek, great!

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  • Desalyn Jones

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  • Sky

    Ya feedback is totally on point

  • Sky

    Word Nova is the truth n his manager is everything… NYC reppin hard.

  • Raven Taylor

    JD couldn’t find one FEMALE battle rapper? Sad considering two girls are still competing

  • Rhian

    tally sound like shit

  • Matty Burnside

    Nova…but jd light skin prejuidice sooo…
    That chubby fat girl should’ve won last season.

  • Matty Burnside

    she shouldn’t have even been on this season period.
    wasting space.
    some real rapper kid could’ve used that opportunity.

  • Matty Burnside

    how u gonna get
    kicked off
    come back
    run away
    be allowed back
    run away again?
    oh yeah…being white.
    and I’m white.
    and she fucking sucks.

  • Matty Burnside

    Nova is the truth and he’s marketable. Jermaine seems to have something against light skin people.
    He comes off like a bitter little person.

  • It’s me

    If she a Latina she a white one. Anyway, idgaf what she is she’s wack. She’s trying to use this show to further her acting career

  • I’m sorry you think people care about your opinion…

  • Desalyn Jones

    YOUR attitude sucks too.

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  • Desalyn Jones


  • Lol if a 16 yr old effects u to this extent… maybe u should turn off ur tv and open a book…

  • Desalyn Jones

    For some reason I think that Roscoe will end up winning. He is the best all around.Just a positive kid no ego issues..Flajae is not ready yet. Her voice need to mature…Detra is ready but her attitude sucks…Nova is ready but he does not need JD is pop

  • Desalyn Jones

    Tally is not a rapper! She just want fame…In episode 1 she used a rap similar to Mulatto last performance that she won with. Tally is biting whoever style that she think that she can win with.

  • Desalyn Jones

    Thanks! for some reasons she is passionate about what we post…

  • Desalyn Jones

    her attitude sucks!

  • NewbieNubian

    No one cares about her struggles or lack there of. She can’t rap. She can’t dance. Da fuck she wanna be a rapper for??? And the ONLY reason she is on the show is cause she an attractive old white lady. And you don’t know what reverse racism is so you cannot provide examples of it.

  • Lol you are sad…

  • Keek Rotimi

    Stop hating on tally!!! She’s not white she is actually Latina. And even if she was white just because you’re white doesn’t mean you never struggle that’s such a shame for people to assume to know about her life just because of the color of her skin. If she was black would a bunch of white people say go home black girl you don’t have any struggles or rhythm or whatever. No you wouldn’t. Shame on you. That’s reverse racism plain and simple like jermain Dupree himself said. People like you are the reason why freakin Donald trump is president and racism is still alive and well in the world. Everyone has their struggles whether they’re black, white, Asian, Indian who cares. Don’t presume to know about her life and what she goes through. I’m sure we can all find inspiration from our own lives and the struggles we face. Everyone has struggles in their lives so stop hating on her. And by the way just because people are white doesn’t mean they always have things handed to them. Not everybody who’s white is “privileged” as you say. Grow up and take your ignorance elsewhere.

  • Messy Matt

    Well let me say it then… Her attitude sucks!!!

  • Pebbles

    I see what you’re saying….

  • Great points but I can see King transitioning into a young man. The others just don’t match to JD’s brands. They have talent especially Nova and D but I do not think they would do well under JD. With development, King can do well.
    I agree, Mottie does not have Snoop swag at all.

  • Bk

    I always liked Roscoe and knew he will be better with a different mentor which this episode proves. But I wish the kids wrote they own raps from someone who watches battle rap . I know all the kids mentors gave them bars and helped write most of the battle raps. I knew every punchline which was way to obvious !

    I still think deetranada is better lyrically than everyone in the house .

    And since this episode the mentors helped these kids by writing most of their bars Tally dumb ass couldve have easily won. She ran away for nothing , she didn’t even stay to see how the challenge was gonna play out. Smh!

  • Rokses

    Does anybody think Tally is going to make a ‘surprise appearance ‘? or is she completely cowering out. If so the mf needs to ve shunned.

  • Rokses

    This was most def Jermaine weakest move to bring back young Iggy . Last episode his advice was that she should work on her rhythm, where is the logic in that

  • Avius Washington


  • Yasmine M.P.R

    Nova’s bars was weak because he figured he didn’t have to say much because he just knew he thought he was gonna win. Dee bars was weak too since she was more prepared for nova and like we know they both underestimated him so they both came with weak bars and leave it to King Roscoe to come out on top

  • Ancient Wisdom
  • jai baby305

    nova was just a little rusty, im telling u he gone bounce back 10x harder . and his performance swag and braz all fit n 1. we gone c !! #TeamNova

  • Ancient Wisdom

    Tally, the only contestant in the history of the rap game who was sent home and allowed to come back; has left the building a f*ckin’ ‘gain! Damn shame that preferential treatment was wasted on her untalented ungrateful scary ass.

  • You are very passionate about a 16 yr old’s attitude… We get it, you don’t have to post this more than once.. IJS

  • NewbieNubian

    I’m just happy I didn’t have to hear her try to rap this episode with all her uuuuhhss loll

  • NewbieNubian

    I’m calling it now. Nova is not winning.

    King Roscoe destroyed him with his first bar, letting him know that a nova doesn’t shine a brightly as he thinks it does

  • Von Schofield

    u right Dee and Nova are better..but mollatto is more girly than dee so thats important

  • Sweet_Ness

    yesss! that really pissed me off she shoulda stayed gone when she left the first time

  • Sweet_Ness

    I love when i catch people from DETROIT on tv:)

  • Why did they even bring that dead girl Tally on this show? she was deeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaad she made me angry all the time, she can’t rap, she has no flow and or rhythm, WHO GASSED HER UP LIKE THIS? Just because u look like Iggy and she buss it dont mean you should follow the same path ALLOW IT, We all knew she was going home. Oooooo can’t wait for next episode. Fla take them braces off pleassssssssse.

  • Pebbles

    You know what!
    I got gotta agree with you..

    I listened to ms mollatto music but her music wasn’t great to my ears but to teeny boppers she lit or the Jawn is fire but she not better than Dee

    Mottie he is not that great either but he geared torwards teeny boopers but he not better than Nova

    Yup ! Rosco he fits the roster… he have a couple years of kute kid friendly rap songs..

  • Chantel

    U can’t estimate the little guy, he was so disrespectful!!!!

  • Von Schofield

    yea the way the roster is set up Roscoe is gonna win..he dont need Dee or Flau Jae he got the chick tht won season 1..he dont need Nova he got Mani they both bring in the same audience..he need the young kid thts “the future” of Soso and thats Roscoe

  • Von Schofield

    HAHAHA i called it again..Tally couldnt handle this she had to go need to think of a new career cuz this rap shit aint it good riddance..I like Nova’s mentality wit tht why do the other kids even care? anyway Roscoe got hot at the perfect time!!! Since Mani won last yr consistency means nothing..Roscoe been impressing JD a lot more lately..Nova slowly fallin off..Dee got the talent and she will be somethin one day..but shes missing somethin she need to mature just a lil..but its down to those 3..Flau Jae is jus there in the middle..youth killed her..the way the Soso def roster is structured its designed for Roscoe to win tbh..i got Nova tho hes the most ready rn..who yall got??

  • ThisGirlLovesKpop

    om!! she doesn’t want to acknowledge how white priveledge allowed her to come this far into black culture with the lil fame she got now… every 2 seconds she complains about her “struggle” lmao like black people don’t struggle themselves with far greater things…she even disrespects us with those fraud cornrows to the back and trash ass lyrics she swears are “hype”… like dang lil Iggy how u got the nerve to disregard how patient we’ve been with u? we shoulda been the ones to kick you out after all the times you’ve tried us

  • Lanegra

    He shot everybody up!!!

  • J-Dub

    Jermaine played himself by bringing Tally back smh. Someone that lives with white priviledge their entire life don’t appreciate opportunities like this since everything is always handed to them in life

  • Sweet_Ness

    Yesss! She pissed me off they should have just let that boy stay when they all had to battle him

  • ThisIsGarnet

    Roscoe lil ass is adorable haha I know he’s gonna win

  • ♈SunSignIsAries♈
  • Desalyn Jones

    But hr attitude sucks!

  • Desalyn Jones

    Her attitude sucks!

  • artiztah

    Deetra is the one he needs to pick, she has style and she’s old enough to win both kids and young adults over especially at this time right now with the whole black girl magic wave she has it, nova dunno about him he’s good but he doesn’t stand out to me he would be good if he did spanish rap instead, flag is to young at the moment she still needs work king roscoe needs to to season himself as a rapper give him a few more years when he’s told enough her be a star.

  • BoomShakalaka

    Tally is NOT a rapper. all she does is imitate. thats why shes always scared and leaving. so annoying because she thought she was going to coast off being a mini iggy. the other kids live it and didnt deserve having to compete against a fraud in the first place

  • Pebbles

    JD needs an artist that has longevity in the music business. Bow wow and Kriss Kross it worked for them as long as they were young and cute, but then they grew up and they were no longer cute and the music wasn’t great… Bow Wow still in the game “somewhat” because of good investments and he switched over to acting…. Da Brat she was good and could’ve went far but her behavior prevented that… If King Roscoe is Kute and he will make Jd money as long as he is Kute but I don’t see longevity with him, Nova & Dee are better I see longevity with them, FLau… i don’t see her as a rapper…. Tally if she was stronger she could’ve been Jd cross over artist.. all he need is that one……

    I didn’t think Mottie was good..he reminded them of snoop which is how he won, but he doesn’t have snoop swag or lyrics..

  • Pebbles

    Tally left…wow!

  • I hope King win. If you look at JD track record, Da Brat was his only lyrical artist and even then she’s not a battle rapper. His artist always had a balance of talent, style and distinct from the rest of the artist in the game. It was never one part stronger especially lyrically. Da Brat, Chris Cross, and Lil Bow wow were all cute. It was JD’s producing skills and artist development (when they use to develop artist lol) is what made them go far. The battle rap brought out the best in King and that he is actually competition. If King show more of that side out, he would be great for JD brand. Don’t get me know, he is not a battle rapper even though he won. He is just fitting for JD’s company, He is humble, hungry and got the drive. D and Nova are great as well but would do better under brands closer to their skills. Nova should be under Fat Joe and D can be with G Unit or TI – someone that is focus more on lyrical driven artist and not necessarily an entertainer. For example, you would not put a Drake with P Diddy or better yet Kendrick Lamar with P Diddy. All the kids are talented in their own right. I wish them all well in their careers.

  • Sweet_Ness

    how dare Tally leave!! that is so disrespectful. a thousand kids wanted to be there she weak as fuck for that

  • Nita

    Deetranada better win lol she’s my pick. Nova’s good but I think she’s a better artist.