The Rap Game Season 5 Episode 2 – ‘Strength, No Weakness’

On episode 2, things get tense when two young rappers clash, and rap superstar visits the Rap Game house as the MC’s are tested in their physical and mental strength. Meanwhile, Jermaine Dupri announces a shocking twist to the hit lists.

  • Kiki

    I agree with everything, but the piss line.. This a damn rap battle and yall think the word piss is bad? Lmao thats the most modest line i’ve heard in a rap battle. You have to go hard and cannot get feelings involved

  • BoomShakalaka

    Every season, there is a mother putting the pressure of rescuing her & the family out of poverty in her CHILDS head. Brandi shut up your family of 10 front need Sire to win, you and your husband need to give them a better life. The arrogance will alienate you and Sire and stop people from wanting to work with either of you.

  • Hershee

    There is a difference between CONFIDENCE and COCKINESS. Sire’s mom is extremely cocky you don’t put down other people to build yourself up being confident is knowing that you’re good at what you do and just striving and doing that in silence not every second do you need to make it to seem as if you’re better than everyone else

  • Tanaysia PiinkScorpio Williams

    Am I the only one who thinks Sire reminds them of D.C. YoungFly?

  • Faye Oxley

    She said p***y

  • jcago

    Sire’s mother has to know what she is doing is not cool and very immature…That’s not what you want to show your kids especially having 8 of them!!….#Teamtoomuch

  • Paige M Curry

    Amayah my baby its okay

  • Paige M Curry

    Omg Hate is such a strong word…. But DAMN IT I hate Brandi ugly ass. ewww Shut up your son is not that good. If you ask me Eli should’ve won the first spot last week…

  • Jade

    Brandii is so annoying!

  • Eating Oreos

    She did say piss because she clearly had a bottle of orange juice to resemble piss. Also, young kids are going to be watching the show so that’s probably why they bleeped it

  • Tinisha MrsHarper Sutphin

    Brandi need to be more humble. Yeah your son maybe the best in the house BUT his little ass need to be taught to be humble so when he gets older he can maintain winning anything. I guess that’s why his mama is in a trailer in the woods maybe if she was more humble and have self control she can close her mouth for one second she can get her own family out the mud. I wouldn’t dare put that responsibility on my son at 14.

  • Nakia Corbin

    I screamed..OOOHH SHIT…Nya’s mom had to sip her drink

  • Jenny Nduta Gorvieh

    i feel for amayah i know she can do it she gotta come strong for me i cant sing lol

  • YoungFabulous

    Amayah got bars she just keep choking before she get em out. That one line killed Tyler whole rap actually “push you back up in yo mama ovaries”

  • Pebbles

    I agree!

  • Pebbles

    That was mainly her momma putting the pressure on her

  • Pebbles

    Me too!

  • Chinkieyez 420

    Can’t stand Brandi’s ass.

  • NiHi

    Oh okay, well tell me something cuz I was wondering what the hell was wrong with the adults in the room who stood there looking unfazed. It’s still garbage, just not as bad.

  • Eating Oreos

    I think she said ‘piss’ not p***y

  • Eating Oreos

    I don’t care what anybody says! I love Sire!!

  • Lola

    Amayah does have potential, however it doesn’t seem like she’s quite ready for the Rap Game just yet. I understand nerves & things get in the way sometimes but how many opportunities do producers give to artists to prove themselves?

  • Domo

    I don’t like Sire

  • Lacy4u

    That’s exactly what Toni Braxton was complaining about during the Iyanla episode. Having to take care of her entire family with the few coins she was making. She felt that held her back from becoming even greater or more successful in her career and/or prevented her from pursuing other interests her family (parents) wouldn’t have approved or allowed her to do.

  • Aleggra Penn

    Sire mama must not understand how testimonies work…you can’t be doing all that and amen’n like that and it’s not actually you. All them damn kids YOU had he’ll never be able to have his own anything.

  • Tima Yangala

    Some of those kids she has look adopted sirea mom bit off more than she can chew

  • For someone to willingly take care of their parents or move them out of bad neighborhood is one thing. However, it’s just vile for a “mother” or “father” to put their parental responsibilities off on a child, view their child as a meal ticket (looking at you, Brandi), or put that kind of burden and guilt on them.

    You chose to have 8 kids you can’t afford to take care of, not your 14 year old. It’s not that child’s responsbility to hook his siblings up, buy them all a home, set them up in life or give them money — and it’s just as disgusting when other family members crawl out of the woodwork to leech and beg.

  • rp

    I agree with your assessment of both competitors parents!!! Tyeler mom is totally ridiculous!!!

  • NiHi

    I have a problem with parents who put pressure on their kids to “save the family.” Nobody told Sire’s parents to have 8 kids. The people responsible for getting them out the trailer in the woods is mom and dad NOT 14 year old Sire. During the rap battle when Tyeler Reign asked Amiyah about how her p**** taste my mouth dropped. My husband and I looked at each other and said WHAT? I know times have changed, but damn. I guess that’s just how she was raised. I know if she was my kids I would have been embarrassed, but if she was my kids she would have known better.

  • Rodney L. Robinson