The Rap Game Season 5 Episode 9 – ‘Supernova’

On episode 9, tension between the managers hits an all time high as one manager strategically causes chaos in the house. Meanwhile, the remaining four rappers must prove they have enough star power to perform alongside Season 3 winner, Nova.

  • BlackBeauty

    They live in a trailer smh

  • peggy beasley

    U harsh

  • NiHi

    That’s a great idea. Hope he listens.

  • Juanita Applebaum

    nya stiff attitude is not going to win,she couldnt even reciprocate the hug from Eli, he had no ill will toward her. Brandi needs to shut up because JD will probably still work with Eli.

  • Lamarra Carmichael

    I agree lol

  • Bk

    I’m sorry but I can’t get through the show and look at Ebony face . My god she is one ugly women idk if it’s her features, makeup or wig and let’s not forget her outfits and how she wears her clothes . She’s very distracting and not in a good way but her daughter is very cute she just needs an attitude agjustment.

  • ExtraChocolate80

    Also out of all the parents, she is married and not a single mom. Why are you relying on your son over your husband to get you out of the ghetto? Her mindset is mess up for real.

  • ExtraChocolate80

    Exactly, Eli was way better than that Iggy wanna be chick LOL!!

  • StephBack

    Exactly….. Team Tyler…..

  • Ms jai


  • Ms jai


  • Ms jai

    Right…dat part

  • Ms jai

    I did to .. Eli was so humble but jd not letting him go ….copy my words he gonna be signed to so so def

  • Ms jai


  • Ms jai

    Right them pop ups be crazy asf

  • Aushai Mccraney

    Lol right… Well it may be late but its working!!

  • Aushai Mccraney

    Nya in what world is 27 bars okay when being featured on someone’s song??? Like I understand these are teenagers but I need them to be a little bit more aware of musical features or at least how to count bars.

  • Rokses

    Dustin is a slow mofo frfr. Week 9 you’re going to start with the games. To little too late.

  • kneesee

    suppper aggy

  • kneesee

    LOL!!!!! FACTS

  • kneesee

    I really liked him and Eli.

  • kneesee

    Lord…none of them are ready but if I had to choose I would pick Tyler. The other two are way to cocky and their attitude will get in the way. that mama and son duo Im so tired of hearing her mouth and little Ms Afro Puff is just made annoying. A typical attitudey girl.

  • Broken Silenze…the pop ups though. First it was that weird white girl with that shaky twerk and now you’ve got pop ups in the background? I know I’m watching for free…but damn!

  • Jujubeejade

    Yes, I did admire Eli’s composure while all hell was breaking loose around him. Lol.

  • Jujubeejade

    We all feel the same. We will be forgiven.

  • Jujubeejade

    We all feel the same. We will be forgiven.

  • Jujubeejade

    We all feel the same. We will be forgiven.

  • Oh Eli..

  • Jayla Ardacia Fox

    She didn’t expect him to come back

  • Eb R. B.


  • Tima Yangala

    Eli daddy is soo funny

  • Dee Cade

    I think Eli can rap but he has no intensity or a presence like a MGK or a Eminem. Brandi needs to be quiet sometimes. Sire has the “it” factor but he needs a new manager. Tyeler has already been performing as her an artist which is why she excels as it. I think she will be a good independent artist. Nya, I can see her doing music and acting. Amaya, is a lyricist period, but her lack of confidence will stifle her as long as it remains an issue but as a ghostwriter she would definitely beast that. They are all signed when they get on the show. They are booked for shows and touring afterwards so it’s not really a loss. However, maybe the downside is that I do believe they sign over their work they create while on the show.

  • Yerrrrd

    I hope Tyler wins. Unfortunately Sire’s momma is gonna be his downfall. She wondered why JD had 30 min conversations with everyone else huh? Because you need a muzzle bitch! She talks a mile a minute and she’s so negative. I just want her to STFU!! Annoying ass.

  • Adore Nella

    i cant stand sire mother shes fucking annoying af

  • guest

    sire is getting a hand out like bud did they act like they are the only ones coming from poverty they have to much arrogance

  • Creseda Jones

    I really don’t like Brandy or Sires personality, she Makes me dislike Sire even more if that makes sense . I don’t want them to win simply because of that. God forgive me lol

  • Lyric

    Yeah that was a nice rebuttal!

  • Tanay Stuart

    I like Nya and Tyeler. I see people making comments about Nya and her poof ball and whatever the fuck else but at the end of the day, when they were having the makeovers done, she wanted to change up her style but she was told that she should keep her poof so although she may like it, she did wanna switch up and I really feel she would have but she eas advised otherwise. I like Sire but he’s VERY COCKY but lyrically, he’s koo. As 4 Tyeler? I love her ass all the way around!

  • Tyler need very little training, she’s top to me, she’s an entertainer, she knows her sound ect.
    I feel like sire is next after Tyler because he still has so much to learn but he is a cold artist but that momager of his is a whole headache and I hope that changes if he wins. Hopefully she’s just this intense because of the competition itself and hearing she has a husband and still puts the family on sides back is ridiculous to me especially when she has an older son too. The music industry is tough so I hope she’s ready. That is all

  • YoungFabulous

    They have websites you can try the wig on and see how it look on you. it not a you color (in the beauty supply lady voice) or style. poof head girl could’ve told her mamma that she need to try a new style by now.

  • YoungFabulous

    plucking ain’t gonna do nothing for that lol long face and long hair buss down the middle thotianna not gonna work

  • Straightshooter

    I don’t know what she’s talking about. Amayah couldve won the whole thing. She allowed yall to get in her head.

  • NiHi

    They fit her like her clothes and that’s badly. She needs a head to toe makeover.

  • NiHi

    Okay I like Nya, but can they please trim the shrubbery on top of her dang head? That puff gets taller and taller every week. It started out cute, now it’s just ridiculous.

  • Akunnah Nelo

    Okay Okay like we didn’t expect Eli to go next. This show literally brings the same type of people every season. The obnoxious over-hyperactive one (Sire), the mature one that dresses older than her age (Tyler), the one that forgets her raps (Amayah), the white kid/the underestimated kid (Eli) and the one with a strong personality (Nya). It’s the same ol’ shii and I can’t even be mad lol I’m just happy to see Nova again.

  • Akunnah Nelo

    Okay Okay like we didn’t expect Eli to go next. This show literally brings the same type of people every season. The obnoxious over-hyperactive one (Sire), the mature one that dresses older than her age (Tyler), the one that forgets her raps (Amayah), the white kid/the underestimated kid (Eli) and the one with a strong personality (Nya). It’s the same ol’ shii and I can’t even be mad lol I’m just happy to see Nova again.

  • Meathead Thomas

    sire’s mom has a Husband? that’s sad as shit! i thought her 15 kid having ass was a single mom but she has a Whole Husband & this Ghetto monkey said she needed for Sire to take care of the family.. She needs to run in traffic for that.. with her low self esteem Ole Bitter ass.. It’s not her sons responsibility to be her protector & provider…

  • Eletha Thompson

    Sire is talented. Its crazy how a lot of black ppl will be so hard on their own and then prop up a less talented white person. Eli is clearly not as talented as sire or Tyler. he can rap but bar for bar, he is not better than sire. In every other aspect of being a rapper he is not better than sire.

  • Clayne Rojano

    Sire’s mom will be his downfall. Nobody wants to deal with somebody with that kind of attitude.

  • rp

    Sire mom is pathetic, totally ratchet!!!

  • Kole Johnson

    Tyler – Got good rap posture/gestures but decent at best & hate her weaves.

    Sire – got the charisma but be trying to rap to fast and you barely can understand him most times, hate his mom’s attitude.

    Nya – She has a unique look but does the same things when she raps, stay squatting with the overthinking face. Rap voice/flow iffy, horrible attitude.

    Eli – Best flow on the show pretty solid, but overall he plain Jane, nothing really special about him no separation factor, & lacks confidence.

    They say this the weakest season and i can see why, nobody seems like a star at a early age.

  • Mylkchawclit

    I liked Amayah’s dad. He’s a great manager

  • Mylkchawclit

    Tyeler and Eli had the best performances. I liked their songs

  • GMoney

    One thing I loved about Dustin and Eli is they stayed humble no matter what. Dustin was fuckin with Brandi but she deserves it. She’s fuckin stupid lol. Eli has a lot of potential. Even tho he’s white he got flow and easy on the eye. I give him a year to let these girls hype his head up and he gon be up there. He just chill. Nya ain’t gon win. She look all constipated in the damn face when she rapping. I hate it! Lol sire too hyper. JD probably won’t pick him because of that right there. I think Tyler should take the crown. She’s well polished. Likable & mature.

  • GMoney

    Whole time. I’m like yo pluck it alil bit lol damn

  • YoungFabulous

    Nya mom’s need to burn all them buss down the middle wigs they do not fit her face at all.

  • Tanaysia PiinkScorpio Williams

    Sire/Tyler could possibly be getting that chain.

  • Yetunde

    Sire’s mother needs to just stop. She’s so rude and annoying. She needs to calm down.

  • QBee

    Sire’s too cocky and I don’t really rate Nya..and why does she refer to herself in the third person

  • Tima Yangala

    I guess tyler she’ll be the easiest to work with since she has experience, nya wants to squat down in every performance whats up with that? sire needs someone like jay z to delvope him as an artist

  • Kiki

    I really like Eli. I like how he stayed level headed, kept his emotions out of it and stayed respectful to everyone. Even if he doesn’t have continue rapping, I think he’ll be very successful in any other avenue he chooses. He could be good in film

  • shasyl

    Crackhead Brandi need to shut tf up Geez.Why she always go after Dustin and Eli.Dustin should have get someone other himself to manage Eli because he is clueless.

  • JRMM

    Since Eli is gone aka the only original one there I hope Tyler wins since she’s the only one left with some talent. Sire and his cunt mom need to get run over by a train.

  • Nikkihatch

    Dustin is weak not cause he white either his whole mind set

  • Shacora L Jones

    Damn I missed last week’s episode. How did I do that lol- but shittttt Amayah is GONE! About fuckin time! Now we no longer have to see her choke on every single damn episode!

  • Shacora L Jones


  • Nikkihatch

    Yay 1st