The Rap Game Season 5 Episode 10 – ‘The Final Battle’

On the season finale, Xscape and Rhapsody join as the remaining three finalists go head to head in the ultimate final performances. After weeks of grueling battles, challenges, and eliminations, only one MC will prove themselves worthy of the So So Def contract.

  • Kole Johnson

    Tyler did her thing, she definitely should of won. JD woulda picked sire but he was like i dont even want to have to communicate on a regular with the mom lol. brandi was heart broken when he lost not even really supporting him even tho he the one that lost. Nyyaaaaa?

  • Yetunde

    Sire’s family put too much pressure on him. His mum was bawling her eyes out when she needed to be supporting her son. Instead, it was her son supporting her. It was for the best that he didn’t win. His father should be ashamed of himself. They live in a trailer park, pinning their hopes and dreams on their child.

  • Ms jai


  • Ciara Modesty Bland

    So happy that Tyler Reign won! Very humble and lyrical… Sire was great too but he was too cocky and his mom will be his downfall.. Great choice JD.

  • Vashti Perry

    Congratulations Tyler!!! ❤️ Also want to state that JD did not pick Sire because he did not want to create another Bow Wow (a talented young man with far to much potential to grow up unable to handle the pressure of staying on top and who only listens to his moms advice imo).

  • Nadia Martin

    Sire should have won …

  • Tanay Stuart

    I disagree! I really don’t think that Jermaine wouldn’t sign a child based strictly off of gaving to deal witj THEIR MAMA especially if he feels that his ass is gone bring in all that bread. That would b stupid on his part. I’m sure he could deal with Sires Mama knowing he bringing in the bag for SoSo Def AND himself. Real talk kause at the end of the day, I wouldn’t be disrespectful towards my mother but if I’m the one with the weight of the wirld of changing my families situation then I’m in control…PERIOD!

  • Tanay Stuart

    I fucks with Trey, lol!

  • I don’t like how he announces the winner. It’s hard for you to celebrate the win because J.D. is so busy consoling the runner up. Announce the winner first so you don’t steal their shine and then address the runner up.

  • Nit18

    Yes. Great advice!!

  • someone

    Yes, exactly. Sire’s moim had something negative and nasty to say about everyone. That’s awful. You don;t treach your kids good sportsmanship by being like that. More importantly, how selfish is it of you to place that burden of providing a better life for your family one a childs shoulder? As a parent that’s your repsonsibility, not the child.

  • GMoney

    If Sire and his mom were more humble they would understand that all JD saying is he needs to mature. You can see her intentions were solely money. I’m glad my girl won. It was pretty predictable

  • Jasmine Nicole

    I loved Nyas look only suggestion I would have is to change color according to outfits

  • TJ Kin

    This whole season seemed pretty weak to me but I’m happy for Tyler. Sire’s mom really disgusted me this whole time. She dgaf how that boy feels as long as she gets to profit in the end. Bitch who told you and your irresponsible ass husband to have 8 kids and live in the woods? You should be ashamed and embarrassed for putting all that pressure on your son.

  • Lyric

    Great comment!!

  • Tima Yangala

    After seeing everything I still think lilrichie would have won if he stayed longer he has a better look and didn’t need much work

  • Yo mamas lil sister

    Love Love Love your website and this show, I have only been watching, since you started :0)
    Thank you. Also , I only give credit when it’s do! So, with that being said re-read my initial comment/intro. TY GUYS REALLY! ;-0)

  • Nit18

    Are y’all grown ass people really sitting up in here talkin bout Sire too this and that Nya poof stink and Tyeler ain’t Really deserve to win. These are children and they all amazing artists. I personally loved Nya(and her poof). Congrats to ReignGang you def deserved it

  • oz


  • ExtraChocolate80

    Yeah I didn’t agree with Mani at all.

  • ExtraChocolate80

    JD did not want to deal with his mom, point blank period. Congrats Tyeler

  • ExtraChocolate80

    Yup she was crying like she was the contestant LOL!!

  • ExtraChocolate80

    I thought she should NOT have done a backflip. She copied Sire who just went before her. I would have suggested using props, but her raps are boring not memorable.

  • ExtraChocolate80

    Nya’s stank attitude got worse and worse as the weeks went on.

  • ExtraChocolate80

    Eaxctly Tyeler is the most polished and experienced and for JD working with her should be easy breezy.

  • ExtraChocolate80

    Exactly, he likes Sire but would not like working with his mom who is too extra. On the other hand, I’m glad a female took the chain again. It’s been a while.

  • ExtraChocolate80

    It did get bigger and bigger. I thought it was just me. Also, as weeks passed, I didn’t like her attitude either.

  • ExtraChocolate80

    I know right LOL!! But it is her signature look. She could switch colors though geesh.

  • ExtraChocolate80

    Brandy and her husband needs to step up and get themselves out of poverty. It is not the children’s responsibility to save their parents when they are still kids themselves.

  • ExtraChocolate80

    Exactly, she out here procreating instead of getting her life together to get her family out the ghetto. That is not your kids responsibility to save you. That is YOU and YOUR husband’s responsibility to make moves and better decisions as parents

  • ExtraChocolate80

    Also, I just think that on a personal level JD doesn’t want to deal with Sire’s mother. Together they are both extra. Heck, JD still dealing with Bow Wow who is a grown man out here still acting childish.

  • ExtraChocolate80

    Tyler is the best all around POLISHED performer in the house. Plus it also helps that she has experience in the studio and in front of the camera.

  • ExtraChocolate80

    I’m glad Tyeler won. It’s been a while since a female performer won the chain for this show.

  • La.Bruja.Caribeña

    I knew it was Tyeler after that performance and I am so happy for her! She’s definitely got *it*! She is the only one out of the 3 that so obviously needed the LEAST work. Perfect? No but better than the rest and fully deserving of that win. Go Tyeler!!!

  • Jasmine Nicole

    I like sire but his attitude is a little off putting but he is a product of his environment and was bound to have some odds against him because of his mother at least his attitude isn’t as bad as his mom’s but I agree with the top part of your comment

  • Fuck you! …I do/say as I please and your angry nobody ass has zero power to control it.

  • Glad Tyler won. Sire and Nya have nothing to worry about they have exposure now and will be able to make moves

  • BoomShakalaka

    Exactly!!!! It was about her the whole time:(

  • Lyric

    I was upset about that scene.She was sobbing, as if she was the one who was competing the whole time.

  • Ema

    Honestly after watching this last performance, I was really rooting for Sire. His performance was really good and the crowd was going crazy. I also like the way he genuinely likes Nya. He was waiting for her at the end of her performance and just hugged her and kissed her on her neck.

    I also don’t understand why people are going hard on him in the comments about being “too confident”. He’s a teenager! Yes sometimes he was bragging and feeling himself but I never really see him being disrespectful. I truly believe that it’s just because he’s a teenager and it will eventually goes away when he’ll grow up. I’m sure lots of you were feeling themselves too when teenagers. Let him live!

  • raven mceachin

    I heard that song before the lyrics and the cadence are not the same

  • Temitayo Odubanjo

    YALLL TYER STOLE THAT FUCKING FINAL PERFORMANCE SONG. Search up “ATL bre -Breeze” on youtube and tell me im lying…

  • Tiff J

    Yes, I hate that Sire’s mom put the pressure on him to “save the family”, be their way out of “poverty”. He’s a CHILD. He didn’t ask to be here. He didn’t tell y’all to have a bunch of kids y’all can’t support. It’s sad.

  • Tiff J

    I can see that. But he still should’ve allowed everyone to stay till the end.

  • Tiff J

    I’ve hated ALL season how Sire’s mom keeps telling him that the whole family is depending on him to make it. That’s too much pressure on a child. You & your husband are the adults who chose to have 50-11 kids, and YOU need to do what it takes to support them and get them out the trailer if you want better for them. None of them asked to be here, that was y’all adult decision. I feel sorry for that kind of pressure on that young man. He’s going to end up hating rapping, feel like it’s a chore, a job, instead of enjoying it and having fun with it.

  • Tanaysia PiinkScorpio Williams

    Dang Sire, I really feel bad for him, because although he lost. I feel if he won he probably would have just helped get his family a better place and kept pushing for himself. Hopefully someone else is watching Sire and will sign him. Congrats to Tyler. Best of luck to Nya hopefully someone will sign her as well.

  • Lady Imz

    Sooooo I cheated and read the comments….. didn’t think Sire would win JUST BECAUSE of his attitude

  • Kayla Majors

    I really was rooting for Sire. . but congratulations Tyler.

  • You’re putting too much hatred into ‘the hood’ instead of what actually created it, enabled it and contributed to it. Shut the fuck up.

  • Faith literal definition is believing things, ideals, and beliefs without evidence. So in essence, Sire’s mom played herself.

  • Tinisha MrsHarper Sutphin

    Sire here is some advice for you and your mom…BE MORE HUMBLE #ReignGang YOU DESERVE IT BOO!

  • BoomShakalaka

    So happy for Tyler. She deserves it. Love her and her mum! Heartbroken for Sire though because his family put too much pressure on that baby to rescue them out of poverty. That poor boy went to console his mother instead of his mother consoling him. It’s not his job to save you!!!!!!! Nyas attitude stinks man. No idea what made her think she had it in the bag.

  • Meg Fleckney

    Oh thank god. I was about to throw my whole laptop away if Sire won. Cant stand that kid and his delusional mama. BUT, CONGRATS MISS REIGN YOU DESERVE IT!!! rooted for her since day one.

  • Bey Martinez

    #ReignGang I am extremely excited about the outcome of this season. Tyeler deserved this win because she consistently improved week after week. Her final performance was not her best, but lyrically and crowd reaction wide…got emmmm! I hope Sire & Nya getanother opportunity elsewhere to get their shine on.

  • QBee

    I guessed exactly what position they would all take..good for Reign

  • Jus post my damn comment

    When I clicked play on this episode I was all Tyler got this but Sire killed that last performance. I heard his political message song on IG AND for a 14yr old he was goin off! He should’ve won.

  • Yep. At the end of the day, Sire is a 14 YO li’l boy that needs to be taken care of, loved and parented into adulthood — not stressed out or made responsible for an adult’s continuous f*ckups!

    I will never be a fan of the way hood and trailer trash has raised, wounded and failed their kids for the last 20+ years.

  • Angel

    I think Sire would have won had he taken advice that was given to him. He behaves like he knows everything, if he had humbled himself I think he would have got the chain. Not taking away from Tyler because she deserves it.

  • Rokses

    It stood out to me leaving the studio, Sire was comforting his mother first not the other way around.

  • Tasha Uniquely-Tatted Sullivan

    I agree 100% of what you speaking! I’m tired of looking at Nya’s mama, too!

  • Jus post my damn comment

    Tyler definitely is ready but as for STAR quality SIRE is that nigga! i was so into his final performance and do believe he should have won.

  • Jus post my damn comment

    Initially i felt Tyler deserved it, HOWEVER after watching this episode and his past performances SIRE DESERVED IT.

  • Made Jade

    This episode just screamed HUMBLE YOURSELF! Tyeler deserves it and she’s the most experienced!

  • shasyl

    Brandi was to hungry from jump ,Tyler was well groomed and congrats in that order,Nya has to much attitude and i would not be checking for you after this and your mama dress like a hoodrat.Sire you are a good kid but your parents put to much pressure on you.I will be checking to see what you have in the future.

  • Lisa Lisa

    Why didnt Nya coordinate her mask to her outfit? Brat was looking like “wtf is that?” LOL Her flip wouldve been more exciting if Sire didnt do a backflip before her. Both her and Sire sounded like they were struggling for wind. I wouldnt buy Tyeler’s record, but she is the better rapper out of the 3.

  • Doris G

    Congrats to Tyler, the Reign Gang!!!! All three were good. I think Nya needs more confidence and less attitude and that dancing down to the floor is old. Sire has the confidence, maybe does not understand humble confidence. I think parents that know their children are talent put to much weight on their shoulders and minds to get the family out of struggling situations.It is the parents responsibility to make a better way for the family; the child that makes it will help their family.Allow the child or children to do their thing without added pressure.Sire mother spoke about having faith and then getting slapped in the face. Faith is a continuing attribute, ( inherent part of someone or something) it should not stop because something did not go your way this time. Now Faith is the substance of things hoped for and evidence of things not seen. All the talk and bragging Sire’s mother did was not her downfall. Her downfall was not allowing Sire to be free in what he does best.

  • Paige M Curry

    Yayayay she deserved it… so glad Brandy didnt win lol.. it wasnt for Sire it was for her crazy butt.

  • Oh, no, Brandi…you did not “uplift, inspire and motivate” others. You put your parental responsibility off on a child, ran your gap-toothed mouth from sun-up to sun-down, ripped into others, and played the race card.

    I don’t GAF and will say it again — Nya needs an attitude adjustment and a hair-stylist. One sure way to lose in life is to walk around with a constant stank-ass attitude, and that plastic ‘poof’ (or whatever was sewed/glued to her head) was extremely unattractive and did not help.

    I caught a couple of promising writers, but season 5 has been unremarkable with no real winners, stars, stand-outs or originality.

  • YoungFabulous

    yep it seems that’s how or why he came up with them battling each other every week

  • Eb R. B.

    I saw an interview where JD said he wasn’t fully feeling this season’s options.

  • Eb R. B.

    Simply put, Tyeler was ready for this.

  • Yerrrrd

    It took everything out of me not to read the comments first! Congratulations Tyler!

  • Richie Rich

    Its sad to see the struggles of the kids having so much on their plate. Sire had alot they showing his house & family from a music perspective JD was right . Tyler has the whole package . she is dope . Congrats.

  • Richie Rich

    Its sad to see the struggles of the kids having so much on their plate. Sire had alot they showing his house & family from a music perspective JD was right . Tyler has the whole package . she is dope . Congrats.

  • Richie Rich

    Its sad to see the struggles of the kids having so much on their plate. Sire had alot they showing his house & family from a music perspective JD was right . Tyler has the whole package . she is dope . Congrats.

  • rp

    Tyler deserved to win “CONGRATULATIONS” young lady, you were the only one of the competitors who remained humble and positive!!! Great Job!!!
    Footnote: Sire mom mess up things for him, with all of her nasty ways!!!

  • Represent All Day

    I was hoping either Tyler or Sire won. Congrats to Tyler. Sire has such good talent until for sure I can see him eventually making it. Love how he went out with a “I’ll be waiting for that call JD…lol”-Still positive to the end! As for Nya, that lil girl needs an attitude adjustment. Don’t nobody want her with that stank attitude of hers.

  • LiLondon

    So much pressure on Sire it’s not fair . Well done Tyler. Nya needs to work on that little attitude

  • NiHi

    I enjoyed the season. They were all sweet kids. Glad Tyler Reign won. Now Sire’s parents will have to depend on themselves to get them all out that trailer in the woods instead of depending on a 14 year old CHILD. Nya needs an attitude adjustment. Not acknowledging JD before she left was disrespectful. I understand she was upset, but that’s not how to handle it. I’m so glad I don’t have to look at her mama anymore. I hope once she sees the show she’ll realize how ridiculous she dresses and start buying her clothes in the right size.

  • LilD

    LOL this is the first time I agreed with who he chose to win but then again the pickins were very slim this season.

  • Hip Hop Baby

    She deserved the chain frfr

  • Teila123

    This season was wack all together. Nya trying to dance and rap umm no but I think she good just doing too much. Sire needed to lose to humble himself and Tyler needs to figure out her look, she still needs work.